What about the workers in the facility? What are their risks?

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires employers who use ethylene oxide to limit workers exposure to the gas by providing personal protective equipment and personal air monitoring as well as information and training programs for employees who work with the chemical. Employers are also required to do exposure monitoring to determine the airborne concentrations of ethylene oxide that workers are exposed to. Questions about worker exposure should be directed to OSHA and TOSHA. 

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1. What is Ethylene Oxide?
2. Is Ethylene Oxide hazardous?
3. Is there Ethylene Oxide here in Shelby County?
4. Why is the facility allowed to use Ethylene Oxide?
5. How does Ethylene Oxide enter the body?
6. How long does Ethylene Oxide remain in the body?
7. Are there medical tests to see if I have Ethylene Oxide in my system?
8. Does exposure to Ethylene Oxide cause cancer?
9. How great is the cancer risk for people who live and work around the Sterilization Services of Tennessee facility?
10. What can people who live in neighborhoods near the facility do now?
11. I am pregnant and have small children, what are our risks?
12. What about the workers in the facility? What are their risks?