Lead Poisoning Prevention Program 


The Shelby County Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) provides services to the community for the purpose of increasing awareness of the hazards of lead exposure, reducing lead exposure, and increasing the number of children screened and tested for lead poisoning. 

Our mission is to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of lead poisoning among Shelby County's children under the age of six and other high-risk children.


  • Strengthening blood lead testing by healthcare providers for children under the age of six and other high-risk children.
  • Eliminate lead in the home by testing homes and child care facilities for lead hazards.
  • Link and coordinate the care of exposed children to recommended services for lead poisoning and provide case management services on all reported cases. 
  • Conduct education and outreach activities about childhood lead poisoning prevention and targeted population-based interventions.


  • Educate the public and health care providers about childhood lead poisoning prevention.
  • Screen and test lead-exposed children and improve their health outcomes.
  • Reduce children's exposure to lead sources through awareness and outreach.
  • Communicate more effectively with stakeholders.
  • Support efforts to reduce lead exposures and related health risks in Shelby County, TN.

CLPPP is diligently engaged in the following:

  • Working strategically and collaboratively to build capacity with stakeholders, including parents, school districts, property owners, health care providers, local communities, businesses, and governments, to reduce exposure and eliminate childhood lead poisoning as a significant public health problem.
  • Creating a public program website that is culturally diverse and user-friendly with updated information and materials.
  • Increasing education and outreach activities for targeted population-based interventions.
  • Maximizing social media platforms for more community awareness on lead hazards and preventions.

With your support and collaboration, we can prevent childhood lead exposure, educate parents, school administration, and the community about the dangers of lead in the environment, and the importance of screening children and facilities for lead hazards.


  1. LaQusha Barnes

    Manager, CLPPP

  2. Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

    Physical Address
    1826 Sycamore View Road
    Memphis, TN 38134


    Fax: 901-222-9561


    Monday - Friday 

    8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.