Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) is a Shelby County Health Department, Bureau of Environmental Health public health service program that seeks to eliminate childhood lead poisoning as a public health problem. 

Our program's goals are to 

  1. strengthening blood lead testing by healthcare providers for children under the age of six, as well as other high-risk children; 
  2. eliminate lead in the home by testing homes and child care facilities for lead hazards; 
  3. link and coordinate the care of exposed children to recommended services for lead poisoning and provide case management services on all reported cases;
  4. conduct education and outreach activities about childhood lead poisoning prevention and targeted population-based interventions.

 CLPPP participates in outreach and educational activities designed to raise local awareness about the danger of lead exposure and poisoning, educate parents and communities on reducing exposure to lead in the environment, prevent serious health effects, and learn about the importance of testing children for lead. CLPPP collaborates with various community partners to educate and engage key stakeholders to prevent childhood lead poisoning. CLPPP provides education and training to professionals who serve as distribution channels to families, especially those living in geographical areas with a higher risk of lead exposure. CLPPP offers a range of primary and secondary prevention services to children, families, and others of Shelby County, TN. 

CLPPP is committed to caring for lead-poisoned children and identifying and eliminating sources of lead exposure. Services provided include nursing case management and environmental investigations for lead-poisoned children and education to health care providers, community groups, and families. Our efforts are according to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Chapter 1200-01-18-.01, Lead-Based Paint Abatement: .

 For more information, please call 901-222-9582 for a CLPPP team member or by email

  1. Melody Princes-Kelley

    Manager, CLPPP

  2. Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

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    1826 Sycamore View Road
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    Phone: 901-222-9582
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