Change the Narrative Pledge

Information about the pledge from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI):  

The Change the Narrative Pledge is just one facet of the Recover Hope Campaign, implemented by the IHI. This campaign aims to improve the lives of 50,000 people affected by substance use disorders by April 2020. Through the Change the Narrative Challenge, IHI encourages communities and stakeholders to commit to changing the narrative on substance use disorders by using person-first and recovery-focused language. So far, the IHI has collected 6,500 signatures on this pledge.    

IHI is now entering the next mobilization phase of the Campaign – encouraging communities to launch projects related to the Campaign’s four action areas: changing the narrative, saving lives from overdose, improving pain management, and reforming university curricula. We will be supporting members of our community as they lead projects in these areas through April 2020.  
Communities can collect hand-written signatures for the Change the Narrative pledge and submit number collected to IHI.  As well as, individuals can also go directly to to electronically sign the pledge.    
The Challenge: Stigma, Blame, and Shame:
The shame and stigma that often surround substance use disorders can lead to people feeling isolated, hopeless, and unable to share their experiences with others.  These feelings can create roadblocks to seeking treatment, support and recovery.  For example, referring to people as “addicts” incorrectly suggests that those with substance use disorders have a choice, suggest addiction is not a treatable disease. Even more, such language connotes an immoral or criminal behavior.  This language inherently blames people for their disease rather than seeking help for their disorder and reinforces the harmful power dynamics and marginalizing a vulnerable population.  
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Why We Signed the Pledge

Change the Narrative
Words Do Hurt
Stop the Stigma

To see the testimonials for why we signed the pledge please visit our YouTube page Shelby TNHealth.   

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