Maternal & Child Health (MCH)

A person's hand holding a baby's feet
"No foot is too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."
Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Program provides a continuum of care for pregnant and parenting women, their children and families through:
  • Case Management/Care Coordination
  • Comprehensive Home Visitation Services
  • Coordinated Care for Children With Special Health Care Needs
  • Fetal and Infant Death Review and Community Outreach
  • Newborn Screenings
  • Lead Screening
Health disparities to prevent negative health and birth outcomes is also addressed in the program.


Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Program provides the following services at the Shelby County Health Department:
  • Car Seat and Crib Distribution - Suspended until further notice due to COVID-19
    • Infant Car Seats
    • Infant Safe Sleep Resources 
    • Safe Sleep Education
    • Designated Fitting Station for Child Safety Seats
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP)
    • Healthy Homes Education
    • Screening
    • Case Management
    • Treatment and Remediation
  • Fetal Infant Mortality Review Program
    • 17-Pilot Program
    • Fetal and Infant Death Review
    • Bereavement Support
  • Home Visitation Programs for Families
    • Children's Special Services (CSS)
    • Help Us Grow Successfully (HUGS)
  • Newborn Screening Outreach - Suspended until further notice due to COVID-19
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Resources
    • Breastfeeding Support
    • Premature Birth Information and Prevention
    • Prenatal Care

Additional Information

The following links provide more information about MCH's work on these topics.
  • Child Fatality Review
  • Community Outreach and Education
  • Health Disparities
  • Infant Mortality
    • FIMR Annual Report
    • IMRI Progress in Shelby County
    • Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID)
  • Social Media
  • Women and Children's Health