Stage I Vapor Recovery Control

Stage I Vapor Recovery Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (Gas Stations) Permits

To protect air quality in the Memphis and Shelby County area, the Air Pollution Control Section of the Shelby County Health Department (the Department) enforces local air quality regulations. Gasoline is a mixture of the air pollutant, volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Stage I Vapor Recovery Control is required during the transfer of gasoline from trucks to storage tanks. Local rules and regulations require most retail Gasoline Stations to obtain an Air Pollution Operating Permit.

Stations that dispense less than 10,000 gallons per month are exempt from permit requirements, but they must maintain records showing the quantity of gasoline dispensed each month. Stations that dispense 10,000 gallons or more of gasoline per month must comply with permit requirements, Stage I Vapor Recovery controls/equipment, and record-keeping requirements.

Stations that dispense 100,000 gallons or more of gasoline per month, in addition to above stated requirements, must perform compliance pressure testing once every three (3) years. Note that these requirements are based only on the amount of gasoline dispensed.

Please take the necessary actions to ensure your station is in compliance. Any station that is not exempt must submit a Notification of Compliance Status form and a completed APC-2-01 application form. 

A diagram of how a tanker truck captures displaced vapors.
A tanker truck utilizing vapor recovery while pumping gasoline.