Cities Readiness Initiative

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) is a federally funded program designed to enhance preparedness in the nation’s largest cities and metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) where more than 50% of the U.S. population resides. Through CRI, state and large metropolitan public health departments have developed plans to respond to a large-scale bio-terrorist event by dispensing antibiotics to the entire population of an identified MSA with 48 hours.

The Shelby County Health Department’s (SCHD) Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program (PHEPP) is a participant in the Initiative, and we work together with various partner organizations within our shared 3-state, 9-county region in order to achieve the goal of 100% coverage within 48 hours. Our shared CRI region includes Shelby, Tipton, Lauderdale and Fayette County in Tennessee; Tate, Tunica, Marshall, and DeSoto County in Mississippi; and Crittenden County in Arkansas. SCHD PHEPP is the hub of the CRI region, and we plan and prepare on a regular basis to make sure our methods of mass dispensing are proven and tested.