Rodent Control/Urban & Rural Sanitation

Scope of Service

This program is responsible for enforcing county ordinances that involve overgrowth of grass/weeds, rats, rat harborage, rat bites, sewage outcroppings, improper storage of garbage and a variety of general nuisance concerns. This is achieved through initiating community surveys, investigating complaints and enforcing county ordinances. Legal action is pursued when necessary. The Rodent Control Program applies rodenticides, when necessary, to control or eliminate peridomestic rats (i.e. Norway and roof rat) infestations.

How Complaints Are Filed

Residents of Shelby County may contact the Rodent Control Program or Urban and Rural Sanitation by calling 901-222-9725 to file complaints regarding rats, rat infestations, sewage outcropping, dirty dog yards, high grass/weeds, junk and/or rubbish on the ground, illegal dumping etc. Complaints may also be filed via the Shelby County Government internet. Complaints may also be filed through the Shelby County Mayor’s Assistance Center at 901-222-2300. The complaints from these centers are forwarded to Rodent Control or Urban and Rural Sanitation in a timely manner.

The following information must be provided to properly service the request:
  • Location of the complaint, zip code, census tract number, map page number, type of premise, municipality, who received the complaint, and any other information that will aid in the investigation of the complaint.
  • Nature of the complaint (rats, rat infestation, rat bite, dirty dog yard, sewage outcropping, junk/trash on the ground, etc.) should be fully described.
  • Complainant’s name, address and telephone number. The complainant may remain anonymous.
  • Property owner(s), tenant’s or responsible party’s name, address and phone number, if known.