Air Pollution Control Public Notices

The Daily News Publication Date: January 2, 2019

The Shelby County Health Department (Department), Pollution Control Section has received applications to construct or modify air contaminant sources at the following locations and of the following descriptions.  These permitting actions are not subject to the Prevention of Significant Air Quality Deterioration (PSD) requirements, as described in the Rules and Regulations of the State of Tennessee, Section 1200-3-9.01 (4)(a)2. 


Sharp Manufacturing Company of America
4050 South Mendenhall Road, Memphis
Requesting a permit to install an open face paint booth.


Solae LLC
4242 S Mendenhall, Memphis
Requesting a permit to remove two existing emergency generators and replace them both with one new emergency generator.

The Hershey Company
975 Kansas Street, Memphis
Requesting a permit to allow for additional throughput on the mint and flavor batching lines to ensure the facility is able to keep up with the demands of customers.

A copy of the application materials used by the Department is available for public inspection at the Pollution Control Section office, during normal business hours (8:00 am – 4:30 pm).  Interested parties are invited to review these materials and provide written comments.  Written comments will be accepted for a period of thirty (30) calendar days after the date of this public notice at the following address:

Shelby County Health Department
Attn: Robert Rogers P.E.
Technical Manager
814 Jefferson Ave. 
Memphis, TN 38105

The Daily News Publication Date: Self published by company on October 20, 2018 

Bryce Corporation (The Bryce Company LLC)
4505 Old Lamar Avenue, Memphis
Requesting a permit to increase the allowable printing capacity at rotogravure Emission Units No. 12a and 12b.