Air Pollution Control Public Notices

The Daily News Publication Date: August 6, 2019

The Shelby County Health Department (Department), Pollution Control Section has received applications to construct or modify air contaminant sources at the following locations and of the following descriptions.  These permitting actions are not subject to the Prevention of Significant Air Quality Deterioration (PSD) requirements, as described in the Rules and Regulations of the State of Tennessee, Section 1200-3-9.01 (4)(a)2. 


Musket Corporation
2655 Riverport Road, Memphis
Requesting a construction permit to construct two 55,000 gallons internal floating roof storage tanks, three truck loading racks, and one flare for control associated with denatured ethanol transloading from barge to trucks. Also, the existing emissions associated with biodiesel transloading which, include one biodiesel loading rack for transloading from railcars to trucks, and two diesel-fired transloading engines, will be included in this permitting action.

3324 Chelsea Avenue, Memphis
Requesting a construction permit to construct the following additional process equipment to increase production: Reactor/still pot, distillation column, primary condenser, condensing receiver, and vent scrubber.


City of Memphis, M.C. Stiles Wastewater Treatment Plant
2303 N. Second Street, Memphis
Requesting a permit modification to increase maximum flared sewage lagoon gas from 1.25 to 2.187 million cubic feet per day.

Shelby County Health Department
Attn: Robert Rogers P.E.
Technical Manager
814 Jefferson Ave. 
Memphis, TN 38105